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Grow Wānaka
Grow Wānaka garlic


Bokashi is a simple process of using your valuable food waste to generate garden friendly microbes in an enclosed fermentation process. When the bokashi pre-compost is dug into your garden or compost pile, these garden friendly microbes kick start the activity in the soil required to enhance soil structure, health and fertility.

Bokashi composting is ideal for any living situation. It utilises enclosed bins which are convenient, easy to use, take up very little space, are rodent and pest proof, odourless, compost all food waste, and quickly convert the contents into biologically active pre-compost ready for burying in the soil or compost pile. 

Once buried, the contents will take between two to four weeks to be completely assimilated into the surrounding soil web, where it will have wide reaching benefits for soil biology and plant health. 

If you live in the Queenstown Lakes District you can purchase bokashi bins at a subsidised rate directly from council and Wastebusters. We recommend getting at least two bins for a small household. Bokashi utilises a product called Zing, which is a sawdust inoculated with EM (effective microorganisms) to assist in the fermentation process. A small dusting of the Zing is added to the top of each additional food layer added to the bin. When you’re running low on Zing, this can be purchased from Wastebusters (fill your own container) or Mitre10. 

If you want to learn more about bokashi, keep an eye out for our bokashi bin workshops, or pop down and visit us at the garden during our Saturday morning working bees and we can get you set up with a bin and walk you through the simple process for beginning your bokashi system.  

Grow Wānaka
Grow Wānaka
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